Friday, November 03, 2006


November 3rd - Call for LIFE today!

Hello friends of the unborn, it's time to Call For Life!

Go to for everything you need, like who to contact and what you might want to say.

Call For Life TodayGo to where you will find everything you need to know to speak for the unborn today. This Call for Life only comes once a month, so don't miss your opportunity. Also, be sure to click the Tell A Friend link.

Why is this going to make a difference anyway?

Well, well, first of all, doing nothing gets us nothing. Second, all of us pro-life people can take a few minutes out of our day once a month on the first Friday to let our representatives know that they should do everything they can to stop abortion.

There are millions of us pieces of the pro-life puzzle working in our individual efforts around the country. Coming together and speaking as one on a regular basis unites and amplifies our message.

Our representatives need to hear from us frequently, otherwise they will start to think that they can get away with murder, like the embryonic stem cell research bill which was passed by the House and Senate, & was almost made into law in July, 2006. Thanks to President Bush, that was stopped by his first veto.

Call For Life Today!

Remember, the unborn only have us, and if we don't show up for them, they will die alone - The only nationwide monthly pro-life action call to action

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

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