Thursday, December 28, 2006


Are they afraid of the truth?

There is one thing I find interesting at Pro-Life events, almost every single time, during or after an event, pro-abortion people come up to me and tell me that I am not allowed to show video or pictures of them without their permission. (Photo - students who didn't want to be shown at the University of Chicago talk by Joe & Ann Scheidler) They often cite legal documents to help them escape the camera, or the documents don't exist or don't apply. Why do they do that? Why aren't these people proud of their position?

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


7 Children escape brutal attack!

THE HILLCREST REPORT FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY Dec. 9, and Dec. 4, 2006 (please note special abortion related story at end of report)

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Kline's Statement, Tiller Charges & Rebuttal to Foulston

Hat tip - Gail & Kansans for Life

In the following, please find a statement issued by my office this afternoon regarding the case filed against Dr. Tiller. Following the statement is a summary of the Kansas late-term abortion law and a summary of the Complaint filed.

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Friday, December 22, 2006


Video - Joe & Ann Scheidler - Talk at Chicago University in November

Joe & Ann Scheidler spoke recently at the University of Chicago, in the Ida Noyes Hall.

 and were there to broadcast the talk live over the Internet using streaming video. To skip all the intro & photos you can go to the end & play the video if you want. Otherwise, read on.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Pro-Life Events In January

If you don't know, January is the biggest month for Pro-Life efforts. Why? Because of the Roe vs Wade decision which decriminalized abortion, which is the intentional killing of children in the womb. There are many events around the country sponsored by many Pro-Life organizations. We will help direct you to those events as time goes on.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Happy Birthday

Outside of the line "I'll never tell a woman what to do with her body", this song by Flipsyde has a strong message.

Nick Cannon came out with a similar video not long ago called Can I Live.

When he was confronted about this "Pro-Life" video, he denied that was the purpose of it. He said it was a "pro-Nick" video. Ms Magazine said according to the The Philadelphia Inquirer, Cannon said ""Can I Live" is intended to be "pro-Nick," not "pro-life or pro-choice"". As a matter of fact, they practically accuse him of being disingenuous by saying:

Sheesh. At least when Eminem makes a politically charged video he stands up for it.


Whatever the reasons, whatever the direction of these rappers, one can't help but feel like their talents are being used by a higher power for good.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Nativity display stolen by angry employee of "Tiller the Killer".

Wichita, Kansas

A security official, John Rayburn, who works for George R. Tiller, the notorious late-term / partial birth abortion doctor, stole a nativity scene belonging to Operation Rescue on December the 14th. Apparently he found the display offensive and removed it from the public grassy area in front of the abortion clinic, and placed it inside their property area.

The following photographs were taken two days before the items were stolen by Gail, a person who prays at the aboriton mill. The accompanying titles are also hers.

(His future held a cross. But praise God, though born into difficult circumstances, His life was not snuffed out before it began)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Judy Shiminsky 1942 - 2006

Judy Shiminsky died yesterday, December 12th at 12:02 pm. I would like to thank everyone who responded to the call for action. I was told we did help and we did make a difference, not only through our actions, but through our prayers.
Judy will be missed by many. Over the years Chalet Magnificat served hundreds of women in need.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


America has become Nazi Germany

An AP story on the web site shows us how sick we have become. A Jewish man chooses to use a murdered baby to try and heal his son.


Notice one important point in the article. He claims to have "a deep faith in Judaism". He also stated that "long hours of prayer prompted the family to volunteer Daniel for the risky procedure". How long do you have to pray to use a murdered human being in a process like this? imageHow can he support the murder of innocent human beings like this? He might rationalize that "the baby was already murdered anyway, so what's the difference?". The difference is we are not supposed to kill fellow humans because they are unwanted and then use them for grotesque experiments. What if this were 1943 Nazi Germany? Would he agree to use a murdered Jew to try & cure his son?

Moral depravity goes beyond the mere pleasure seeking in America, it has entered a new realm, the realm of death.

> Around the nation states have approved experimentation on and the destruction of human beings for scientific research California, Missouri and New Jersey to name a few, have allocated billions in state government funds in search of the fountain of youth.
> Gender selection is as normal as brushing your teeth. Don't want a girl? ...kill her & try again
> Selective Genetic murder is used to get rid of children/people who might be born with "defects".
> Humans are being cloned and killed en masse for experimentation.
> Abortion kills over 3,500 human beings a day.
> "Birth control" kills unknown numbers under the lie that it doesn't cause abortions.
> South Dakota voted to kill humans. This was the first ever life killing vote in America by American citizens. Up until now we could hide behind the legislators / lawmakers / "government" rule. No longer. The vote is in & American citizens voted to kill innocent children in the womb.
> Churches allow murder-supporting (abortion / euthanasia / embryonic stem cell research) government officials to take communion, which in turn pollutes the message of the sanctity of life that they try to deliver every Sunday
> Churches don't actively challenge their parishioners to stand up against this evil for fear of losing their 501c3 tax exempt status, or possibly causing some men & women in the pews to be uncomfortable if they discuss the topics that are so carefully avoided.
> Selective reduction kills unknown numbers of people around the country as the process of in vitro fertilization creates many babies, not just one. The doctor tells the woman to "reduce" the number of children in the womb so she can avoid complications. How do they do it? How do you think? They kill the other children of course
> America funds Planned Parenthood, the largest murder mill in the country to the tune of over 300 million dollars. Yes, your tax dollars fund abortions & we all have blood on our hands.
> Around the country, states and schools are hiring Planned Parenthood to come in & reduce the number of pregnancies so their numbers will look better. How do you think Planned Parenthood "reduces" pregnancies? What do they do for a living? Abortion and contraception. The contraception is guaranteed to fail & then the backup plan is an abortion. Add to that the fact that they fight tooth & nail for your young daughter to be able to have an abortion at any age, without your consent. She can't take an aspirin without getting suspended, but she can kill her child, your grandchild, without your knowledge or consent.
> Senior citizens are being killed by the thousands so that they don't have to be cared or paid for. This new modern method of unnatural death will grow in popularity as people seek to cut their loses. They will claim it is the best thing for all & will even say that they are doing the person a favor by helping them see God or Mother Earth sooner. I am involved in a case like this right now. You can't imagine the unbelievable things people will do & say to "help" others. The culture of death doesn't believe in a right to life, but they absolutely believe in a right to die & kill others.

Yet Americans are queasy about the death penalty. States around the country are banning the death penalty because they consider it "cruel & unusual" punishment, or other such nonsense. A person murders someone in cold blood & he gets three squares, TV & a gym. A baby is created & she gets the death penalty because she is unwanted.

What a sick, twisted society. Do you wish to challenge my opening statement "America has become Nazi Germany"? We have killed around 50 million people by abortion & unknown numbers by birth control, gender selection, selective reduction and genetic selection.

Are you a part of the problem or part of the solution? imageIf you do nothing to stand up against this evil then you are as bad as the Germans who sat back & watched the Jews, blacks & other undesirables get taken away. If you do nothing, you support this evil by your inaction.

Take Action!

Join the Monthly Call For Life at imageEvery month on the first Friday we call and email our representatives to let them know that they should defend life and not support abortion, embryonic stem cell research or euthanasia. On the first Saturday following the first Friday we go to abortion mills to pray for the women going in & the babies who probably won't make it out.

If we don't speak up, who will?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -- Edmund Burke, - The only monthly nationwide Pro-Life call to action

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Oppose the fetal pain bill

Should Pro-Life people support legislation that might still allow people in the womb to be killed, though it might slow down our efforts overall? I used to think so. More and more though I am of the mind that we should only get behind solid life saving efforts. Case in point, the fetal pain bill which is up for a vote this week. The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act," HB 6099 will require doctors to read a statement to women seeking an abortion, informing them that a child as young as 20 weeks feels pain, and that the mother can choose to anesthetize her child before killing her. Well, they don't really have to say "killing her", but saying "before having the abortion" means the same thing.

Dr. Paul Schenck from the National Pro-Life Action Center and said yesterday:

"the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act is a two-edged sword. While calling attention to the humanity of the child targeted for abortion, it equally sends the intolerable message that you can legally kill the child - just consider anesthetizing her before you do it.

Schenck says that’s like telling the Ku Klux Klan that you can “lynch the Black man, just anesthetize him before you string him up!”, or to the Nazis, “you can gas the Jews, just give them some anesthesia before you do.” This is what he calls “the abortion distortion”

“When you legalize killing the innocent in cold blood - nothing else makes sense.” Schenck maintains. “You can’t have any straight lines, nothing fits, everything is illogical.” That is the problem with the legislation pending before Congress, he says. “For Pro-Lifers, this is very disturbing legislation, how do you accept killing, when you reject the pain associated with it?” Schenck says he understands what some members of Congress hope to accomplish. “This does call attention to the humanity of the child - she senses pain, and dies in unbearable agony. That will help us come to terms with the realities of abortion.” But, he says that it could have the opposite effect as well. “Anesthesia could appease our collective consciences, and leave us feeling “well, it isn’t all that bad, she dies painlessly and silently.”"


This act is a distraction. Too much time and money is spent on smaller legislative issues when we should be staying on message. Abortion is wrong, it is murder and it is evil. That is what we need to say over and over. Some Pro-Life groups are turning against those of us who believe that compromise bills are wrong. We are being accused of being out of step with major Pro-Life people and efforts.

Every Pro-Life group knows that Right to Life is the biggest Pro-Life compromise group in the country. They will make deals every way possible in the hopes that all of the little successes that they get will work toward slowing down or ending abortion on demand in the long run. I think Pro-Life groups around the country are feeling tired and are ready to take whatever successes they can get. Perhaps the "small steps" are the right way?

No, not now and not ever! Abortion is wrong, period.

Brian Rourbough, the new director of Colorado Right to Life said "This law is a bad law" and "It's good to notify women that children are tortured during the abortion, but it's bad to pass a law that allows abortions to go on."

Steven Ertelt of Wyoming Right to Life disagrees.

"His (Rohrbough's) comments come in contrast to state and national pro-life groups, so his is the lone voice in the wilderness," said Ertelt."


Mr. Rourbough is not the lone voice and National Right to Life does not speak for Pro-Life.

This issue is exactly like the stem cell issue. With that issue people want to argue that stem cell research yields no results anyway, so why invest money in it? If you get pulled aside to the scientific argument that it doesn't work, what if it does some day? What if some guy, like Hwang in Korea, fakes his research. What if he claims to find a cure for paralysis? What if it is demonstrated that killing embryos for science can benefit mankind? That is one big reason why we should stay away from arguments that aren't based on morality, only on science. We must stick to the fact that it's murder and we shouldn't do it.

Now with this fetal pain bill, pro-abortion representatives will parade their doctor forward, and Doctor "A" will say babies in the womb don't feel pain. Pro-Life representatives will present Doctor "B", who will say they feel pain all the way back to 20 weeks. Pain, schmain, this outrageous argument must end! They are being killed and we should stop trying to make a deal with the devil.

When will Pro-Life groups understand that what we are talking about here is pure evil? Over 3,500 children a day are being ripped from the womb and we want to give them pain drugs, rationalizing that once we tell women what they are doing fewer of them might do it.

Pro-Life people must stick to the facts and stop trying to push through incremental bills. We must get out in the streets and tell people that enough is enough! We have millions of armchair Pro-Lifers out there. If 10 percent of us spoke up on a regular basis our representatives would know how we demand from them that they should end abortion and baby killing research. But the problems is, we don't do it. Day after day goes by in silence as millions of Pro-Life people do nothing, except maybe pray in the quiet, warm comfort of their homes, or donate money. Prayer is good and necessary. Donations are good and necessary. But they are not the only things that we must do. We must be active and in the streets. The civil rights movement would not have succeeded if people didn't get out in the streets to show their outrage, and the Pro-Life movement needs the same!

The Pro-Life movement is struggling because there is no Pro-Life movement. We are many scattered organizations and people with great messages, but outside of the annual March For Life in Washington D.C. we rarely unite for action efforts and to support or oppose such compromise bills. National Right to Life purports to represent us but not one single major Pro-Life group in this country supports them. I know, some people and groups come out to support these occasional efforts, but overall, every major Pro-Life group calls NRTL the "compromise group". Politics is taking over Pro-Life and we have to stop that now!

Head over to and find out what you, the individual Pro-Life person can do to end abortion. This truly grassroots effort has no funding, asks for none, and only depends on us Pro-Life people to do what we should be doing.

1) On every first Friday, call & email your representatives to speak out against abortion and human killing research. We need to speak for the unborn in a united voice on a regular basis
2) On every first Saturday, go to an abortion mill and pray for the women who are going in & the children who might not be coming out.

Are you an armchair Pro-Lifer? I guarantee you that there are over 20 million solid Pro-Life people in this great country, so where are you? They unborn only have us to speak for them. - The only monthly call to action in America

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Saturday, December 02, 2006


December 2nd - Go to an abortion clinic today!

Go to an abortion mill today

Hello friends of the unborn, it's the first Saturday following the first Friday. Today your task is to go to an abortion mill near you.

We will update our web site as soon as possible to help you find the closest one to you. Until then you can click here to go to Life Dynamics "Death Camp" web page.

Remember, the unborn only have us, and if we don't show up for them, they will die alone - The only nationwide monthly pro-life action call to action

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

Friday, December 01, 2006


December 1st - Call for LIFE today!

Hello friends of the unborn, it's the first Friday of the month, and it's time to Call For Life!

Go to for everything you need, like who to contact and what you might want to say.

Call For Life TodayGo to where you will find everything you need to know to speak for the unborn today. This Call for Life only comes once a month, so don't miss your opportunity. Also, be sure to click the Tell A Friend link.

Why is this going to make a difference anyway?

Well, well, first of all, doing nothing gets us nothing. Second, all of us pro-life people can take a few minutes out of our day once a month on the first Friday to let our representatives know that they should do everything they can to stop abortion.

There are millions of us pieces of the pro-life puzzle working in our individual efforts around the country. Coming together and speaking as one on a regular basis unites and amplifies our message.

Call For Life Today!

Remember, the unborn only have us, and if we don't show up for them, they will die alone - The only nationwide monthly pro-life action call to action

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

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