Tuesday, December 12, 2006


America has become Nazi Germany

An AP story on the MSNBC.com web site shows us how sick we have become. A Jewish man chooses to use a murdered baby to try and heal his son.


Notice one important point in the article. He claims to have "a deep faith in Judaism". He also stated that "long hours of prayer prompted the family to volunteer Daniel for the risky procedure". How long do you have to pray to use a murdered human being in a process like this? imageHow can he support the murder of innocent human beings like this? He might rationalize that "the baby was already murdered anyway, so what's the difference?". The difference is we are not supposed to kill fellow humans because they are unwanted and then use them for grotesque experiments. What if this were 1943 Nazi Germany? Would he agree to use a murdered Jew to try & cure his son?

Moral depravity goes beyond the mere pleasure seeking in America, it has entered a new realm, the realm of death.

> Around the nation states have approved experimentation on and the destruction of human beings for scientific research California, Missouri and New Jersey to name a few, have allocated billions in state government funds in search of the fountain of youth.
> Gender selection is as normal as brushing your teeth. Don't want a girl? ...kill her & try again
> Selective Genetic murder is used to get rid of children/people who might be born with "defects".
> Humans are being cloned and killed en masse for experimentation.
> Abortion kills over 3,500 human beings a day.
> "Birth control" kills unknown numbers under the lie that it doesn't cause abortions.
> South Dakota voted to kill humans. This was the first ever life killing vote in America by American citizens. Up until now we could hide behind the legislators / lawmakers / "government" rule. No longer. The vote is in & American citizens voted to kill innocent children in the womb.
> Churches allow murder-supporting (abortion / euthanasia / embryonic stem cell research) government officials to take communion, which in turn pollutes the message of the sanctity of life that they try to deliver every Sunday
> Churches don't actively challenge their parishioners to stand up against this evil for fear of losing their 501c3 tax exempt status, or possibly causing some men & women in the pews to be uncomfortable if they discuss the topics that are so carefully avoided.
> Selective reduction kills unknown numbers of people around the country as the process of in vitro fertilization creates many babies, not just one. The doctor tells the woman to "reduce" the number of children in the womb so she can avoid complications. How do they do it? How do you think? They kill the other children of course
> America funds Planned Parenthood, the largest murder mill in the country to the tune of over 300 million dollars. Yes, your tax dollars fund abortions & we all have blood on our hands.
> Around the country, states and schools are hiring Planned Parenthood to come in & reduce the number of pregnancies so their numbers will look better. How do you think Planned Parenthood "reduces" pregnancies? What do they do for a living? Abortion and contraception. The contraception is guaranteed to fail & then the backup plan is an abortion. Add to that the fact that they fight tooth & nail for your young daughter to be able to have an abortion at any age, without your consent. She can't take an aspirin without getting suspended, but she can kill her child, your grandchild, without your knowledge or consent.
> Senior citizens are being killed by the thousands so that they don't have to be cared or paid for. This new modern method of unnatural death will grow in popularity as people seek to cut their loses. They will claim it is the best thing for all & will even say that they are doing the person a favor by helping them see God or Mother Earth sooner. I am involved in a case like this right now. You can't imagine the unbelievable things people will do & say to "help" others. The culture of death doesn't believe in a right to life, but they absolutely believe in a right to die & kill others.

Yet Americans are queasy about the death penalty. States around the country are banning the death penalty because they consider it "cruel & unusual" punishment, or other such nonsense. A person murders someone in cold blood & he gets three squares, TV & a gym. A baby is created & she gets the death penalty because she is unwanted.

What a sick, twisted society. Do you wish to challenge my opening statement "America has become Nazi Germany"? We have killed around 50 million people by abortion & unknown numbers by birth control, gender selection, selective reduction and genetic selection.

Are you a part of the problem or part of the solution? imageIf you do nothing to stand up against this evil then you are as bad as the Germans who sat back & watched the Jews, blacks & other undesirables get taken away. If you do nothing, you support this evil by your inaction.

Take Action!

Join the Monthly Call For Life at monthlycallforlife.com. imageEvery month on the first Friday we call and email our representatives to let them know that they should defend life and not support abortion, embryonic stem cell research or euthanasia. On the first Saturday following the first Friday we go to abortion mills to pray for the women going in & the babies who probably won't make it out.

If we don't speak up, who will?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -- Edmund Burke,

MonthlyCallForLife.com - The only monthly nationwide Pro-Life call to action

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

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